10 Proven Signs a Guy Wants to Kiss You


10 Proven Signs A Guy Wants To Kiss You! 


Love relationships can be quite complicated for women especially when you do not get signs a guy wants to kiss you. At the same time, you do not want to look desperate or be the one to initiate a kiss. It is okay, you are not alone, a lot of women come out saying they struggle with the same.



In this article, I will highlight some non-verbal cues you can look out for and how to prepare your mind for them. At the same time, you will learn skills and body movements to suggest you are ready to receive the magical kiss at any given moment.




  • Eye contact

One of the ways people show confidence is by maintaining eye contact. Your man will maintain eye contact with you to build trust. Often, their eyes will move to other parts of your face such as the lips or cheeks.



If your conversation is about romance or the both of you, that kiss could happen anytime. At this stage, use your flirty tips and shy away a bit. You can either look down or maintain eye contact for one second or less.




  • Lip movement

Men are charming and they can seduce you as well. If you thought otherwise, then you are wrong or you are yet to meet a prince charming. If a man constantly licks his lower lips or both lips seductively, he is getting your attention to his lips.


Often, he will look into your eyes to see which part of his face you concentrate on while licking his lips. You can show interest by staring at them for a few seconds, smiling then looking into his eyes. This way, you will give him the confidence to kiss you.



  • Physical touch

Among the five love languages, physical touch is one of them and people often admit to getting the magical feeling from a simple touch. This tip has a broad category depending on the stage of your relationship or how comfortable you are with each other.


Physical touch can range from him placing his hands on your cheek, back of your neck, locking hands or pulling you gently by the waist. Among these, one or two of them show signs a guy wants to kiss you.





  • Flirting

Most men up to their game via flirting. For example, before meeting up you will constantly receive texts such as how do you like to be kissed, what is your favourite breath flavour or what signs can a guy use to initiate a kiss.


The next time you guys meet physically and he is using the flavour you suggested or throwing signs you mentioned, the likelihood of you getting a kiss is very high.


Among the flirts, a guy will take time to boost your confidence or liking towards him. He will often compliment your scent, make-up especially your lipstick or lip gloss, your tongue or lip piercings and some go to an extent of complimenting your teeth arrangement. This often prepares you psychologically for a kiss.




In conclusion, it is not hard to interpret signs a guy wants to kiss you. The above tips act as a guide to a magical moment you might experience with someone you like.




How to Talk Dirty to a Guy Without Embarrassing Yourself


Text Your Guy These Compelling Lines And Get Him Swept Off His Feet While Running After You.


Even after a breakup!

Staying in a relationship is one of the most stressful situations in life especially when we have to worry about losing a partner.


When we can’t stop thinking “is he thinking about me?” “What is he doing at the moment?”

“Whom is he seeing?” And the likes of it.


Falling in love is a great feeling on its own, it feels great when the partners involved are reciprocating each other’s affection and care.


 Have you ever wondered how to retain that initial spark, that chemistry that once existed between you both? Then this article is definitely for you.


 I will be revealing mind-blowing but hidden secrets of making a man fall head over heels for you; through texting, easy right?


 There’s nothing more heartbreaking than your lover leaving your text messages unread; it’s even more painful when he doesn’t open it all.


 Texting is a very vital communication tool in our present society and can create tons of anxiety; remember a watched telephone never rings.




What must be the reason your boyfriend isn’t replying to your text messages? Could it be that you are doing it the wrong way?


That is why I have carefully woven this article to show you how best to text your boyfriend. Here is the catch, the fifteen lines of text is for you only if:


  • You have always doubted your boyfriend’s love and would like to take cautious measures to get him in your arms.


  • You are in a relationship but you can’t stop feeling that fuel of affection that has burnt out and you are ready to bring it back.





If you are one of the two people mentioned above, then you are in the right place. These texts have saved many relationships and have rekindled love in people’s lives. This test has the capability of getting your name stuck in your boyfriend’s head, so he doesn’t think of any other woman but you.



 Hi, If you are too sure about your boyfriend, then maybe you should try the next article. As long as you continue reading this article, it is meant to educate you on how to flirt with your boyfriend.



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During a hot sweaty afternoon text him these lines, to make him hallucinate about what he could have been doing with you, other than working.

  • Hey! I just heard a song that reminded me of you.


  • Can I call you, I am dying to hear your voice.


  • Don’t lie, I am quite sure you smiled when you saw my name on your phone right now.


  • Wanna come over? I have your favorites: beer, pastries, and……me


  • Now that I have texted you, my eyes and ears would be glued to my cell phone. Don’t keep me waiting.




When it’s a cold and breezy day text him these lines to make him close from work and start coming right to your apartment.


  • What do you think of today? Beside me.


  • I am thinking about you, I wouldn’t let you know the details tho.


  • I am Netfilxing but ain’t chilling, wanna complete the picture?


  • Why are you so cute? That’s not fair.


  • You shouldn’t be working, you should be in the castle, that’s where you belong with the Royals.






If he just texted you reply to him with these lines.

  • Anytime I get a notification, I secretly hope it’s from you.


  • I look stupid staring at my phone right now.


  • Are you a magician? you have cast a spell on my mind.
  • I think my boss will fire me because your
    notification distracts me, and I don’t mind.


  • I feel stupid most times, stupidly in love with seeing your name pop up on my screen.






Remember that no text message ever can replace “I love you” in a relationship.


The above text messages have been tested by many, I have recommended them to friends and family and your guess is right, the results were amazing.


I am going to be revealing other text messages that can straighten your bond with your lover, keep visiting our website for easy to remember text messages that can cast a dirty spell on any man on earth.



how to talk dirty to him on text how to turn on a guy through text how to talk dirty to a guy over texting how to talk dirty to him on text dirty things to say over text dirty things to say to a guy over text yahoo how to talk dirty with confidence talk dirty to him over text talking dirty to your boyfriend over text